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Apple: more than 70% of the profits Apple Music will get music labels

Under the agreement with the music labels, Apple will pay more than 70% profit Apple Music copyright holders. This was told Re/code the main head of iTunes Robert Condry.

Apple Music is a streaming service that allows a user to listen to music on your iTunes library, and in the mode of streaming that is not to buy individual music tracks and listen to them online from a catalog, which holds about 30 million songs.

According to the statement Konarka, 71,5% of all profits from Apple Music will be transferred labels, authors, artists, and copyright owners. Outside the U.S. the company from Cupertino will get even less – only 27 cents of every dollar.

Apple, however, agreed not to make payments during the first three months since the launch of the service. At this time, as it is known, will operate a free trial period for all users of the service. This condition, as noted, has become a key obstacle in the negotiations with Apple by the record companies.

About launching a streaming music service Apple announced at its annual developers conference in San Francisco on June 8. Apple Music earns 30 June. Already determined the price for the American market: during the month the user will pay for access to the service at $9.99. The subscription price for a family of six people is $14.99 in a month. In Russia for a month subscription for a single user costs $ 169, a family – 259 rubles.

First Apple Music will be available on iOS, OS X and Windows, since the autumn, the service will be able to use Apple TV and Android devices.

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