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Became known the release dates of iOS 11 beta 4 / Public Beta 3 for iPhone and iPad

If we talk about the releases of new products and software that Apple tries to adhere to a strictly defined schedule. For example, the new iPhone will debut in September for the fifth consecutive year. This means that by that time Apple should be ready with the new operating system iOS 11.

To achieve this not so simple, therefore, the company should keep its current two-week schedule of release of the beta version of the OS. At the moment, developers and participants in the testing program available iOS 11 beta 3 Public beta, and 2, respectively. Thus, the fourth development version is expected on Monday, July 24, and a few days later pre-release build will be able to download all comers with Apple Beta Software Program.

Many users is the lack of understanding of the scheme of distribution of updates of iOS comes out first version of the app, and then the public. Despite the fact that they appear within a few days, the build number they match. This means that Apple developers will get bug reports for the same iOS version.

The third beta version of iOS 11 debuted earlier this week. In it, the Apple developers have fixed some bugs, improved performance and added new features. One of them concerns the possibility of transmission of images from iPhone and iPad.

At the moment, the function “Start broadcast” gives nothing useful. It only saves the recording on your iPhone and iPad, but not tied to any service for streams. In its current form, iOS 11 does not allow the broadcast, but it is likely that next beta will have an opportunity.

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