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Apple will allow the Belarusian users to dial “+” on the iPhone

IPhone in Belarus after the release of iOS 10 faced with an unexpected problem. Users cannot dial the number in international format +375. If you press and hold the “0” instead of the plus sign appears the combination “0+”. Two months after the release of OS Apple intends to fix the flaw.

For Belarusian users iPhone ten added a serious problem: when typing a phone number in the international format +375 impossible to put a ” + ” sign. Instead of “plus” dial double zero, then continue to enter the number in international format. However, to use this method does not always work — some operators report incorrectly dialed number.

At the stage of testing iOS 10 iPhone owners from Belarus turned to Apple with a request to correct the error. Apparently, the company is not a very good connection as well as the corresponding correction appeared only in iOS 10.2, which is in the testing phase. This means that after the release of the final version of dialing in the international format +375 will cease to torment the Belarusians.

It is worth noting that this problem first appeared in 2013 after the release of iOS 7. While abroad, the dialer immediately corrected and started to work correctly, with “plus” after deduction of “zero”. Last time to fix a problem it took about a year, this time faster.

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