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How to install and run Windows XP on the iPhone 7 without jailbreak

This week we talked about the new project, in which the iPhone 7 ported Windows XP operating system in the iPhone 7. A video recording of the testing process the old OS for a few days was viewed more than 500 000 users.

This is achieved without any “jailbreak”. To install and run Windows XP on the iPhone uses the iBox emula tor running on stock devices. To implement the ideas do not need to exert any effort or knowledge of programming languages.

Of course, the old good OS to run on a smartphone in this mode can not, but to surprise someone with demonstration is quite real. How to install Windows XP on the iPhone 7 later in our instruction.


  • Emulator iBox.ipa
  • Cydia impactor for download IPA for iPhone
  • Windows XP image –

How to install Windows XP on iPhone 7:

Step 1: once you downloaded the above files, open archives MicroXP Anatomica and Cydia Impactor.

Step 2: connect your iPhone to the computer and run Cydia Impactor.

Step 3: Transfer the file iBox.ipa on window Cydia Impactor. Enter your account Apple ID and password. Data is transmitted only on the Apple server.

Step 4: once on your iPhone home screen the icon appears iBox, you should allow the application to run. Otherwise you will see an error message “Untrusted developer”.

Step 5: Open settings in the tab General –> Profile or Main –> Manage device. Here, find the name of your account. Select it and click Trust, then Trust.

Step 6: Open iTunes, click on the top bar of the mobile device.

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Step 7: Go to apps list and find the iBox.

Step 8: Move file MicroXP Anatomica on the field iBox in iTunes.

Step 9: go Back to the iPhone and start from the home screen iBox.

Step 10: Click the “+” in the line Name, rename it as XP.

Step 11: Press the HDD, and Drives. Press again “+” in the upper right corner.

Step 12: Select HDD and press Done.

Step 14: go Back to the Configuration Editor, scroll down and click None in the section Extension.

Step 15: Click the Save button.

Step 16: You will see your new configuration, click it to run.

Step 17: Congratulations, you run Windows XP right on your iPhone!

How to install Windows XP on the iPhone 7 Plus :

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