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iPad mini 4 will support the multitasking Split View in iOS 9

Important new feature in iOS 9 has been multitasking for the iPad, which allows more convenient to work with applications. Developer Hamza, the Court found some features of this function.

Multitasking in iOS 9 allows you to access the second application, without closing the first, and switch between them using swipe (Slide Over), or showing one of them in the mode of “picture in picture” or show both Windows at the same time, divide the screen equally between them. The last mode is called Split View and available only on the iPad Air 2 with its powerful A8X chip. Code OS X El Capitan, however, revealed that he will work on the new iPad mini, which will be presented in autumn this year. The fourth generation of “MINICOM”, according to rumors, will move to the new processor Apple A9.

The Split View allows you to simultaneously use two apps on the iPad. For example, to work on a drawing, opening near the original photo. Or write a document, copying the text from the book in iBooks. While new features multitasking supported only built-in applications iOS 9, but the API gives the ability to add their support and third-party developers.

According to reports, the iPad mini 4 will be the thinnest device from the line with a thickness of just 6.1 mm. the Tablet will receive the same innards as the iPad Air 2: 8-megapixel iSight camera, A9 chip and 2 GB of RAM. The display size will remain the same, 7.9 inches.

It is worth noting that last month, analyst at Fubon Bank Laosan And stated that the iPad mini 4 will be the last in his family. What is the exact reason, he did not elaborate. But, it’s possible that Apple this step will encourage the decline in sales of iPad mini in connection with the appearance on the market with a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.

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