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The Swiss Golden Dreams has introduced a carbon fiber iPhone 7 cost $17 000 [video]

The Swiss Golden Dreams jewellery workshop presented to the audience “the most luxurious in the world smartphone iPhone”. Knowing how to please fans of its unique design, the company presented a new model of the iPhone 7 in the carbon case.

Carbon Edition Concept is the first representative of a new collection of smartphones. The back cover of this iPhone model 7 consists entirely of carbon fiber, and its color can be anything – it all depends on the wishes of the user.

According to the manufacturer, Carbon Edition Concept the first smartphone in the world in such manufacture, and to create the device, the authors turned to a modern micro-engineering. On a sturdy, lightweight package logo Golden Dreams.

Light weight and high strength carbon fiber makes it a natural stiffener for the component parts of professional bicycles, but also for camera mounts, racing cars and aircraft. In itself, carbon fiber is 3 times lighter and 4 times stronger than steel.

The reason why carbon fiber has not yet found applications in most consumer devices, is often the cost. However, this is too simple an explanation, given that the price for some phones sometimes for up to $1000 — that is, the space allows them to spend a little more money on the frame. The true reason lies in the fact that carbon fiber is a number of difficulties in the manufacture of phones, tablets and laptops. First among them is its low melting temperature, making difficult the processing and drilling of carbon fiber without deformation.

Collection Carbon Edition Concept was published in an edition of 77 copies, price one phone — 17 000 dollars.

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