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Now we know why Google Pixel so similar to the iPhone [video]

After the announcement of benchmark Android-smartphone Google Pixel, it became clear which device will be ideal for fans of the mobile platform Google. After the failure of Galaxy Note 7 novelty search giant was universally recognized as the best to date Android device and the best alternative to the iPhone.

It also became clear that deep integration of Google Assistant is a huge advantage over competitors and a trump card in the hands of Google.

On the other hand, it is difficult to deny that Pixel suspiciously similar to the iPhone 7. Google decided to use Apple’s design by adding a glass insert in the upper part of the body of smartphones. The company has not explained what is the solution, but now we finally learned how was created the smartphones Pixel.

The presentation Google gave to understand that it is their own product, developed from beginning to end. In the formulation did not participate HTC, although Pixel suspiciously similar to the last iPhone clone manufacturer in Taiwan.

As it turned out, HTC really has nothing to do with the creation of the Google Pixel. A new video posted on the YouTube channel PeripateticPandas, demonstrates the process of developing a “pixelflow”.

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