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“Apple technology Museum” in Moscow asks for help

On the site of the first in Russia private Museum of the history of Apple published a letter from the leadership. To continue the Museum needs help.

“The crisis we, unfortunately, lost sponsorship, which three years was keeping the Museum afloat, allowing you to pay the greatest expense is the rent. Our project is essentially a non-profit, has found itself in a difficult situation — all that we earn from ticket sales, tours and delivery equipment rentals, though, you can’t cover the current expenses”, – stated in the message of the Museum administration.

Private Apple Museum was opened in Moscow in February 2012 through the efforts of enthusiasts, with the support of businessman Yevgeny Butman and collector Andrey Antonov. A unique collection of Apple products enthusiasts gathered more than 15 years. The creators of commemorative institutions are confident that the whole history of Apple – evidence: the genius of Steve jobs is that generated them collective mind of Apple at some stage did not depend on jobs. And even in his absence created (and will create) gadgets not worse.

The main principle of the Museum – the exhibits can not only watch, they can work. Anyone can create a black & white picture in Paint and then print it on your old printer with ribbon or to try to impose a newspaper a long vertical strip on the monitor.

The Museum said that Apple is fundamentally dissociates from museums and no help has not. State or corporate funding he receives. “Now every month can become for Museum of the past”, – complained the keepers of history.

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About how to support the Museum of Apple technology”, can be found on this page.

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