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iOS 9 will breathe new life into the iPhone and iPad previous generations

June 8 at WWDC 2015, Apple will tell you what new features will be included in the ninth generation proprietary mobile operating system. If you believe the information in the network, users of iPhones and iPads earlier generations can count on the output adapted for these devices the iOS version 9.

Basic version iOS 9 will be intended for devices on-chip system Apple A9. Allegedly, trying to make this version compatible with older smartphones and tablets inevitably would cause problems. As a result it was decided to make them a separate version, effectively serviced outdated equipment, and only then to add capabilities designed for more recent generations of iOS devices.

Obviously, part of the new OS will be available on smartphones and tablets Apple previous generations, but in General the device will remain part of the updated ecosystem. iOS 9 can install all owners of gadgets that are now deployed iOS 8 is the iPhone 4s and above, iPad 2 and above, iPad mini and the next, fifth generation iPod touch.

Novelty key iOS 9 will be a subscription service streaming music Apple Music broadcast-based service Beats Music, which Apple acquired in 2014. It is believed that for access to all the music collected in the iTunes store, will be charged at the rate of 8 dollars per month. Apple Music also invite deep social integration: players can create their own separate sections in the service, which will publish examples tracks, photos, video, graphics, concerts and other interesting fans information.

iOS 9 will offer a new system font San Francisco, which debuted in the operating system, Watch OS, same for smart watches. The font will take the place of the current Helvetica Neue, which appeared in iOS 7.

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In “nine” on the iPad will be a welcome multiwindowing: a split screen will maintain the split in the ratio of 1/2, 1/3 and 2/3 depending on the characteristics of the applications. The display can be withdrawn or two different applications or two Windows of the same program. The user is given the capability of parallel operation, for example, with email and calendar, two tabs in Safari with a couple of Pages documents.

The announcement of iOS 9 is expected at the WWDC event, which will be held from 8 to 12 June, and deployment will begin in September.

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