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Apple started to plant trees around the new headquarters [video]

Several years ago Apple began the construction of a new headquarters in the form of a ring. Today in the Internet appeared fresh video about the construction of the object, captured by a drone. The author of the video is blogger Matthew Roberts, regularly публикующиq aerovideos with the construction of a “flying saucer” Apple.

Judging by the video, for the last month working actively planted trees on the perimeter of the headquarters. In addition, 70% completed the installation of solar panels on the roof of the main building. Not so long ago the builders began to use surface Parking, which they themselves had erected.

Finally Apple will move to campus in the second quarter of 2017, however, the first team of the “Apple” giant can do it sooner. Last year CEO Tim cook announced that some employees will take their places in the headquarters in January.

New campus covers an area of about 260 000 sq m, which is approximately 230% more than the current Apple headquarters. Moreover, this area does not include underground audience on 1000 seats and an additional building, designed for scientific research. The campus can accommodate about 13,000 employees of the Corporation.

According to initial plans, the construction of the “spaceship” campus, Apple has planned to complete in 2016, but then the date of delivery of the project was moved to 2017.

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