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Why Samsung is not Apple: the Koreans again disgraced with Bixby

The Network talked about the fact that the voice assistant Bixby experiencing difficulties with learning other languages, so the launch of the English version was delayed. But yesterday Samsung announced the launch functions in the United States. Voice assistant has earned three months after the start of sales of the flagship Galaxy S8, which has a dedicated button to activate Bixby.

In fact, the delay with the start of Bixby is not the only failure of Samsung. The first users of the function complained about the sexist descriptions of male and female voices, which the company added in the device settings.

Under the line in menu “language and style of pronunciation” lists the available voices — female and male, which are marked by tags. Female voice described as “lively”, “clear” and “fun” and men are “assertive”, “confident”, “friendly”. A screenshot of this item quickly spread on the Network.

“Hmm… These hashtags in the settings menu Bixby. Perhaps Samsung should reconsider,” wrote user @wrongsideof21.

Representatives of the South Korean company responded promptly and promised to remove inappropriate tags.

“We are actively working to remove the hashtag from the settings Bixby. We are constantly learning, and establish a feedback with our customers,” said Samsung.

We will remind, Bixby consists of three main parts: Voice Bixby, Bixby and Bixby Vision Home. Bixby Voice is responsible for the voice control assistant. Bixby Vision allows you to determine what is shown on the photo. Bixby Home — this home screen, which contains shortcuts that open access to main features of the assistant.

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When Bixby was announced, many praised the choice of a “name” for the virtual assistant: informed voice assistants wore only women’s names and said female voices.

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