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A new tactic for Microsoft in the battle for the attention of fans of Apple technology

Sales of Microsoft in the 4th quarter reached $1.3 billion, showing annual growth of more than 40%, and revenue teams Surface for the full year was $4.3 billion OEM market sales of premium devices has grown, Microsoft also announced an increase in the number of defectors from MacBook to Surface.

Of course, sales of the Surface are nothing in comparison with the sales of the MacBook. The latest generation of MacBook Pro in less than a week can overtake annual sales of Windows 10 devices, so it is foolish to hope that unit sales will support your business hardware. But it’s not a game that plays … at least not yet. However, Microsoft is going to increase the power of Surface branding. The company has identified areas where it is a winning position, and will use them to best advantage. Writes Astera, the company intends to create a sufficient number of such positions and to get a wave of people’s love for the device Surface, thus sow doubts among those who are thinking about buying a new computer.

Even if Microsoft device inferior to the MacBook in sales, the company forced the user to switch from automatic to deliberate the purchase, analysts say. He played the role of a range of Surface devices, albeit briefly. These tiny shares of the conquered, will be summed up in a few weeks, months, and possibly years, and it is believed that sooner or later they will break one of the weak spots in the portfolio of Apple in favor of Microsoft.

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New hardware and debugged the price of Apple is designed for the market segment of premium class. On the lower level Mac is the 12-inch MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Air. The assumption by Apple is that people who are looking for something cheaper, look at the iPad lineup (and if you want a more powerful tablet, you should pay attention to iPad Pro smart cover keyboard).

It was here in the game is to enter gadgets the Surface. Entry-level devices, such as the old Surface 3, and weaker on the specs of the Surface Pro 3 and Pro 4 are much smaller than the weak specifications of portable Mac computers, and Windows 10 has turned into a decent modern OS. With such a large amount of data in the cloud and access them through the browser question about the OS is already not the only one that matters when buying the device — important question of how to use the cloud. Windows 10, of course, uses the services of Microsoft, but can easily be synchronized with other services, particularly with Google.

Thus we see, as with many small victories Microsoft makes its way to the market. Each of them directly contributes to the promotion of Surface and Windows 10 by increasing sales. Not everyone will pay attention, someone can point to the rise of and the profit from the sales of Apple not to notice how ambitions, which has been for some Microsoft applications allow you to strengthen the brand’s position in the years ahead.

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It’s not fear, it’s confidence. No uncertainty, and underline the choices made. And, of course, is confidence that the hardware Surface (and Windows 10) result. Microsoft has a lot of baggage in the eyes of many, but also the company has faith that she is on the right track.

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