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Apple may revive the MacBook Air. How great

Paul Gorodnitsky – the Renaissance the most successful and undisputed laptop in the history of the company from Cupertino.

At the beginning of this week, the Taiwanese resource DigiTimes has given hope to all fans of the MacBook Air.

It turns out that Apple is thinking about updating its most affordable laptop. The deadline is pretty blurry (the second half of the year), but the arguments of insiders look sensibly: it seems that the company really is interested in the issue of budget laptop.

The adjective “fiscal” in this context has only one meaning – to thousands of dollars. More precisely, 999 dollars – that’s how much it would cost Air new generation, if all srastetsya.

Just in case: now the cheapest Apple laptop with a good screen will cost $ 1,300. Talking about 12-inch MacBook – it had become classics, but probably did not and never will be. Blame the price: 1300 $ – very expensive for popular laptop.

Moreover, it is more profitable to take a productive 13-inch MacBook Pro, 2017, and not nice and compact, but a weak 12-inch toy.


If you go back to the MacBook Air, then all is simple.

His comeback is wonderful news at least for one reason: even in its current state it is phenomenal satisfies the needs of its owners. I know a lot of people who grumbled at Apple (expensive/pontovo/uncomfortable), then out of curiosity bought the most budget Air (most often by 13 inches) and imbued with the greatness of the Corporation from Cupertino.

Just list the facts. MacBook Air fantastic lightweight. Incredibly long lives on a single charge. Quickly charges in about an hour. Not hangs, especially if you do not upgrade to macOS Sierra. Almost without consequences is experiencing a light fall. Pulls even heavy applications. And yet he is not shaken cover.

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However, these descriptions still not enough – of course, the “air” you need to borrow to understand in than his charm.


Okay, I’ll try to explain by examples.

First, it is truly universal: perfect for work and for travel, and even as a home computer, if the requirements are not prohibitive. One inexpensive laptop for all tasks is really comfortable.

Second, it fits anywhere – throw it in the bag and forget like put a piece of paper in a transparent file. The thickness of the laptop – 17 mm, like my Siemens C75 from 2005.

Thirdly, Air is generally not subject to aging. I took my 13-inch MacBook in June 2014. It took 3.5 years, of which three years I used it daily, and another six months or from time to time.

Now the real capacity of the battery is more than 80% of the original. This is easy enough for a couple movies, surfing 5-6 hours or 7-8 hours text editing. The brightness does not need to Unscrew to zero.

Same thing with the speed. Air natural flying – the difference with my Pro 2015 is minimal.


Of course, in 2018 to take the old “airs” is silly.

55 thousand for the “gray” sellers and 65 thousand in ofitsialov – it is very expensive: I once bought for 40 thousand (Yes, before takeoff of course), but since then the laptop has not changed, but the price tag is significantly increased. Therefore it is logical to accumulate some money and buy any MacBook with retina display.

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Here we are getting to the fundamental problem and tragedy of the MacBook Air.

Years the owners of this device have begged Apple to put a modern clear display, but the company did not respond to these requests. They were just ignorelist – instead of a new Air Tim cook presented a new keyboard, touchpads cool, hipster tutbury and MacBook without connectors.

Perhaps in 2018, Apple will finally look in the direction of the line of Air and ambitious it will update by putting the actual display, touchpad and connectors are Type-C. Apparently, this situation is realistic in Cupertino have realized that from the budget (by the standards of the Corporation) gadgets can’t go anywhere.

So, we need to keep the level and not just kill the super laptops or leave them with wretched ancient screens.


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