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Mizulina said that neuritogenic dangerous content social network should be punished

24 Jan Elena Mizulina at the meeting of the expert Council of the interim Commission of the Federation Council on improvement of the Family code proposed to punish the social network for refusing to destroy dangerous content. It is reported AGN “Moscow”.

For the preservation of different information, which is associated with cruelty and violence, she recommends severe punishment for administrators and leadership social networking:

“I think you need to think about such as strengthening the responsibility of administrators of social networks, management of social networks because the online content is not removed, not destroyed quickly enough, somewhere stored for a long time”.

Elena Mizulina believes that existing penalties do not work and are not safe on the Internet. In this regard, according to her, the guilty should attract up to criminal liability.

Earlier it was reported that Roskomnadzor intend to block social networking groups, encourage violence in schools.

Elena Mizulina, the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction.

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