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12 ways to prove to the fans of Android advantages of iPhone

Today a lot of iPhone competitors the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, LG G6 and other flagship smartphones. But despite all the efforts of Android manufacturers, Apple devices have a number of indisputable advantages. We collected 14 of the reasons why iPhone is better than Android smartphones.

IOS apps go faster and look better

The most popular applications available for both platforms, but for iPhone they still come out faster. Some developers release their programs simultaneously for iOS and Android, but most often the advantage of the Apple platform.

Another point: the app for iOS looks better. Apple strictly monitors the quality AT the App Store and recently purged, removing hundreds of thousands of legacy applications.

The lack of extra software titles

When you purchase a new iPhone you will get a smartphone with only proven and reliable. On many Android devices out of the box installed a lot of extra apps you’ll never use.

In most cases they cannot be removed without root access. This means that they will take place in the memory of your smartphone. Apple in this respect, everything is not perfect, but the latest versions of iOS, the company was allowed to remove the standard apps.

Regular updates

IPhone and iPad users get the latest updates to your operating system, regardless of operator. When a new version of Android, even the most high-end flagships get it only a few months later. If since the release of your Android-smartphone has passed for more than 18 months, the new updates with high probability you get.

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Google promises support for Nexus branded devices and Pixel for two years. So, support Nexus 6 ended in the fall, and Nexus 6P – ends in September 2017. IPhone owners are in this sense lucky. As soon as Apple releases an update, it becomes available immediately to all devices. At the same time support the iPhone twice – 4 years.

Single ecosystem

If you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac then the device will interact. You can sync all the photos to answer the call from Mac or iPad, and much more. Thanks to Handoff, you can start to do something on the iPhone and continue, for example, on a Mac.

A simple way to transfer data between iPhone

If your friends and family iPhone, to convey to them the file is very simple. To share your location in one click. Send photos, links and other files is also easy, thanks to AirDrop. Samsung is also trying to simplify the file transfer process easier between their devices, but in this case your friends should be the new smartphone of the Korean company.

iPhone keeps better price

iPhone is not impaired, with such speed, as Android smartphones. If you are selling Android flagship last year, don’t expect to get much for this device. Apple gadgets hold much better price. Galaxy S6 is in excellent condition costs about $130, while the iPhone 6s sell for $205.

Ease of use

Despite the fact that Google aims to simplify the interface, Android, iOS more intuitive and easier to use. Besides, not all devices running the latest version of “green robot”.

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the iPhone became popular among successful people because it is convenient. People whose time is precious, make that choice, because the iPhone allows you to save time and get pleasure from the use of the apparatus and to focus on what I want to do: chat with people, write posts, use social networks, and do it all seamlessly. Not to fight the interface.

Apple Earphones

The iPhone has one big advantage if you frequently listen on headphones. In the EarPods is nothing supernatural, but they are equipped with a microphone and a handy remote control with which you can adjust the volume, control music and video playback, answer and end calls with one touch.

Lightning is better than microUSB

Apple devices use the Lightning connector, which can be inserted by either party. Many Android devices still use microUSB, which is inferior to a competitor in many ways.

As noted above, with Lightning you don’t need to think which side to connect the charger. The same Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge bypassed this problem by using wireless charging, but for some tasks still need to plug in the cable.

iMessage, FaceTime and FaceTime Audio

Apple gives iPhone and iPad users communicate among themselves through three distinct services.

iMessage allows you to exchange messages between iOS devices. FaceTime is a great service for video calls. Unlike Hangouts, FaceTime is built into the phone app, so to switch between normal ringing and call via the Internet in just one click. FaceTime Audio allows you to make voice calls over the cellular network. The service offers the best call quality in locations with poor quality of connection, but where there is Wi-Fi.

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iPhone is much more reliable, as Apple have spent years in perfecting the nuances of production of one model and one operating system, each upgrade becomes more reliable, simpler, more powerful, performance. The scale of sales in hundreds of millions of devices allowed Apple to perfect the technology of production and the details. Even the old iPhone will appreciate the fairly quick work and a complete lack of glitches, while the Android devices after one and a half-two years of service begin to slow down, to hang.


Experts in one voice say that iOS is much more secure Android to most types of existing attacks. This is due largely to strict censorship of the App Store. Google treats it more freely, so the majority of Android malware is integrated directly into the official app.

Experts predict that the number of active Android malware will grow rapidly.

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