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Gift set of two iPhone 7 with Golden portraits of Putin and trump unveiled in Russia

The head of Russia Vladimir Putin and the President of the United States Donald Trump will present the complete set of “One world” from two elite iPhone 7. The leaders of both countries will get the smartphone in a special box after the first official meeting.

Gift set “One world” was created as a symbol of the beginning of a new phase in the history of the development of Russian – American relations, said the company. Phone Caviar Supremo Trump was represented in the victory day Donald trump in the presidential election. On this device in a single composition combines a Golden Emblem of the United States, quotes from the national Anthem and three-dimensional bas-relief portrait of the American President.

Company representatives planned to give the gadget the then elected head of the United States. However, the staff of the administration of President Barack Obama at the Embassy refused to accept the gift and give it to the recipient.

Along with the smartphone dedicated to Donald trump, the company also released the Caviar Supremo Putin Gold. This gadget with a unique design created in honor of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Both of the smartphone is placed in a special casket in the form of a globe, covered with gold. Inside of her “presidential” looking at each other – this requires a special intervention in the design of the iPhone 7.

“It symbolizes our hope that the new stage of history, our countries will be better able to see and hear each other, and establishment of effective partnerships face to face. It is symbolic – if we gave the leaders a private meeting one-on-one, to be able to agree on all issues, and their combined strength was the guarantee of peace on Earth,” – said the representative of the company.

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On the website Caviar gift set “One world” offered at a price of 398 000 rubles for model with 32 GB and 428 000 rubles for a model to 256 GB. Separately smartphones are on sale for 199 000.

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