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Apple invented “braided” display

At the site of attachment of the strap with “smart” clock Apple Watch is a hidden connector, which Apple says on the description page of the device and the associated documentation. This connector can be used for “smart” straps. At least judging by a new patent application by Apple.

Bureau of patents and trademark United States issued a patent for the so-called “Braided” display (Woven display) that can be embedded in the strap of the Apple Watch. The idea is to create a system of information display that can be placed on any flexible basis – for example, on the tissue.

The main component of such a “screen” are intertwined with each other special fibers acting as light guides. That is their own to form a picture the screen will not. Instead, fiber will redirect the radiation from the LEDs to the underlying device.

Strap with “braided” screen can be used in the Apple Watch Series 3. This accessory can be connected to the connector on the chronometer that will generate a particular image directly on the surface of the strap.

I must say that we are not the first time we hear about smart straps for the Apple Watch. Earlier it became known that Apple is going to release a wristband with a sensor of oxygen in the blood, a sensor of breathing, a module for measuring blood pressure and temperature sensor. The reason for this need straps due to the fact that these sensors can not be integrated directly in the case of the Apple Watch. It is not excluded that the first “smart” straps will be announced along with the Apple Watch, the third generation in the autumn of this year.

Theoretically, the new technology could find application in “smart” clothes. In particular, the “woven” screens can asiatica, say, a jacket sleeve to display time or any notifications from the main plug-in electronic module located in the pocket.

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