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Lenovo smartphone sales showed record growth in the Russian market

Thanks to tame prices, the Chinese Lenovo has become the fastest growing player in the Russian smartphone market: according to the study “Coherent”, in the first half of Lenovo’s doubled sales and entered the top three.

Lenovo has set a record for the growth of sales of smartphones in Russia. For the first half of 2015, they increased by 101 % in volume and 95 % in money terms — the company sold 800,000 vehicles over 6 billion rubles.

During the year, the share of Lenovo in the domestic market has doubled to 9% in volume and 7 % in monetary terms. The company has entered into a three of leaders in terms of total sales. In the first place is Samsung with 22% in units, and the second is Microsoft and Nokia with 10 %. In monetary terms, the top three looks different — it presents Apple, Sony and Samsung, receiving more than 60% of total revenues.

According to the General Director of the Russian division of Lenovo Alexander Kataev, the company managed to show such results due to curb rising prices in the crisis. Many manufacturers, including Apple, changed rates too sharply, while the Chinese manufacturer did it gradually. As a result, its vehicles rose by 20-40 %, but this did not prevent their sale.

Overall for the first six months of 2015 smartphone sales in Russia decreased by 11% to 9 million units. Them Russians spent 2% more money $ 86 billion rubles.

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