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In the Network appeared a photo of a metal frame with “iPhone 7” is no Mute switch and the audio port

For anybody not a secret that the next flagship smartphone of Apple will vary in performance from previous models of the iPhone 6/6s. Starting with the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 4, introduced in 2010, the manufacturer has demonstrated the desire to change the style branded devices every two years.

The Apple devices are equipped with a metal housing and the materials used are designed to emphasize the high class of the product. What will be iPhone 7 is not yet clear, but some insight into the future the machine can give photos French resource Nowhere Else, which allegedly depicted the iPhone 7 case exactly.

The magazine has published photos of the metal frame which belongs to the new generation of smartphones Apple. It is noted that in such a frame will fit the display with a diagonal of 5.2 inches. Tellingly, it does not have a cutout for the traditional switch to silent mode, no stereo speakers promised, but there is a standard 3.5 mm audio Jack, which is contrary to a large number of previous leaks.

Some users, however, are of the opinion that the photos are not fake, but depicted them in detail belongs to another device. According to one version, it is about the smartphone Huawei P9.

In favor of the fact that we frame a new generation of iPhone recent photos Huawei P9, as well as accessories to it. Published images of the cover and an image of the phone exactly match the details of the framing are the buttons, openings for connectors and microphones.

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The authenticity of the submitted images to ensure it is impossible, therefore, to argue about the ownership framework of a particular device is not yet possible.

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