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Apple has suspended work on their own television service for the new Apple TV

Apple has suspended work on creating their own TV service for Apple TV. This was reported by the resource Bloomberg, citing sources inside the company.

According to the publication, Apple temporarily temporarily stopped the development of a corporate television company’s service, designed to compete with the offerings of cable TV operators. Initially it was assumed that the service will be launched simultaneously with the new Apple TV, but this did not happen. The source States that Apple does not reject the idea completely, but the main focus will be moved to create a platform for content creators, they could sell it to the user.

The reason for the suspension of work on TV service Apple is disagreement and representatives of TV channels on the issue of the cost of the subscription. Apple offered a price range from $30 to $40 a month for a package of 14 channels, stressing that they do not want to raise the price above $40 per month. Representatives of the TV channels insisted on a higher monthly price. In the absence of an agreement with TV channels Apple plans to work on its own app store for the Apple TV.

The head of the broadcasting network CBS Forest Munus Bloomberg confirmed the information, noting that the channel was ready to sign an agreement with Apple at the subscription price of $35 per month, however, Apple discontinued the negotiations. Munus expressed the view that the service will eventually be created.

According to reports, the Apple TV may debut in 2016. The company plans to offer about 25 channels, including premium cable.

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