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Windows 10 vs OS X El Capitan: new functions, features, release dates

OS X 10.11, known as El Capitan, is the newest version of the operating system Apple presented at WWDC 2015. It will have a serious struggle against Windows 10. MacDigger offers more to consider these two operating systems.

Date of launch. Windows 10 will be released in the near future. Now available final beta, the launch of the public version is scheduled for July 29. As for OS X, El Capitan, the release date is officially still named. Currently available the first beta version of the platform. Practice shows that the new OS will reach Mac no earlier than September-October.

Cost. Both operating systems will be distributed for free. And Mac users, and owners of computers based on Windows will be able to update the OS for it.”

Compatibility. Both systems will work on almost all computers manufactured today. As for OS X 10.11, it can be installed on iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini runs OS X Yosemite.

Microsoft is also trying to make their OS compatible with the largest possible number of computers. Windows 10 will run on a PC with Windows 8 and 7. Problems can be encountered only PC owners running Windows XP. It is worth noting one advantage of Windows is the operating system can also work on tablets and even smartphones. OS X El Capitan is not designed for mobile devices.

Security. New Windows 10 is sufficiently protected OS. In the final release of “ten” will be available for additional security mechanism called Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI). The product “Apple” of Apple in this sense, there are more benefits: “MacOS users can count on a more secure job, thanks to the UNIX architecture and new technology Rootless in OS X 10.11.

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New features:

The latest features of OS X 10.11:

  • Improved Mission Control
  • Mode Split-View
  • Advanced features Spotlight
  • Improved Wi-Fi
  • New features Safari.
  • Advanced Notes

Windows 10 boasts:

  • Unified app.
  • The center of action.
  • Voice assistant Cortana.
  • Support for virtual desktops.
  • The return of the start button.
  • New browser Edge, which replaces Internet Explorer.


Both operating systems have their pros and cons. Avid gamers are probably more interested in Windows 10. Connoisseurs of stability and security will choose a Mac with OS X El Capitan. The main advantage of OS X – a single manufacturer of hardware and SOFTWARE. When it’s not about benefits, but about the convenience of the user — selection of Apple is best for everyone: for users who don’t need to worry about program compatibility and no need to rush between the service center of the manufacturer of hardware and technical support of the developer of the OS, if something is not working.

All jambs in front of you responsible one company — Apple. It is convenient to the manufacturer — again, he doesn’t need to worry about the support of the unknown nature of the “Chinese” iron, don’t need to wrestle in any unimaginable combinations very competent user would think to connect the expansion card and not have to release a million patches, fixes compatibility issue with some rare application.

One aspect of Windows 10, which will easily give odds to OS X El Capitan – variety of supported devices. And here the advantage is on the side of the new Microsoft platform.

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