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Apple released the public iOS version 10.3 beta 3 macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta 3

The next day after the release of iOS 10.3 beta 3 macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta 3 for developers to download became available a public version of the firmware. Public assemblies can load all the participants of the open testing program for Apple.

Now to install the 10.3 beta 3 iOS and macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta 3 can not only users who have paid $100 for participating in the developer program of Apple, but to everyone. As the test ing program is available to all users, to install a test operating system releases do not have to buy a developer account.

iOS 10.3 Public beta 3 match beta for developers. It fixes some bugs of the original release, including problems with the animation and added a new section with 32-bit applications that will not work in iOS 11. Read more about all innovations can be found here.

In order to put the 10.3 iOS without a developer account, you need to go to the website and register. You need to specify settings Apple ID and download a certificate for your iPhone and iPad. For more information about installing public certificate we wrote here.

As for macOS Sierra 10.12.4 Public beta 3, this update is also designed to fix basic OS bugs. Among the major changes – mode Night Shift to correct the color temperature of the screen at certain times of the day. It makes the colors on the Mac display more comfortable for evening or night work.

The final version of iOS 10.3 and macOS Sierra 10.12.4 scheduled for spring of this year. It is expected that the OS will be available for download after March the presentation of the new iPad models.

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