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Apple continues to hire specialists in the field of television

To Apple was joined by two talented head of the Studio Legendary and Hulu. This was announced by the publication Variety.

According to the latest information, Apple hired Philip Mathis from of Hulu, who developed the eponymous service for streaming movies. Also, the Corporation came Jennifer Vaughn, are two of Legendary Entertainment, known for film companies, which account for such films as Batman begins, interstellar and the biopic Steve jobs with Michael Fassbender in the lead role.

According to rumors, Mattis will do business issues relating to film and will work directly with Zach Over a Hamburger and Jaime Erlayt, two former heads of Sony, defected to Apple.

Grazer has not yet started work and joined the Corporation in January. In Hulu it agreed with film studios and video providers about the licensing and broadcasting of movies through the service company.

Apple has already more half a year tries to enter the market of digital television, creating TV shows. While the company has not achieved much success, but everything can change next year. Now, the Corporation is simultaneously working on two projects. A restart of the series Steven Spielberg’s “Amazing stories”. And dramatic film with Jennifer aniston and Reese Witherspoon in the lead roles.

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