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5 popular myths about Steve Jobs

Buyers of Apple products attracts not only quality equipment, but charisma founder Steve jobs. It was very interesting to watch throughout his career.

February 24, Steve jobs would have turned 62 years. A series of rumors have not stopped even with the death of a brilliant entrepreneur in October 2011. Still out books and articles, continue the discussion online. The world is still interesting person who has created the most expensive in the world, the IT Corporation. And as a person he was amusing: dropped out of College, has received the National Medal of Technology of the USA, had a bad temper, but has created a marketing cult show from almost one myself.

His private life, he was protected from publicity, and his company was supportive. And this curiosity, coupled with the lack of information provided us a steady myths about Steve Jobs. Resource gathered five of the most popular and untrue of them.

Apple paid Steve jobs $1 a year

From 1997 until he resigned in 2011, jobs was the annual salary of only $1. This fact has repeatedly appeared in the headlines. So why is it in the list of myths?

Yes, because Apple pays to the Director-General is not salaries, and bonuses for efficiency and shares in the company. This motivates CEOS to work better and stay with the company for a long time. Other corporations have similar policies: for example, Eric Smith, former Director of Google, in 2008, also had an official salary of $1. And, purely for show: in 2000, a year of record sales of computers, Apple gave jobs a private jet worth $88 million In the list of the richest people in the world by Forbes in 2010 it was 136.

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The machine jobs instead of numbers was a bar code

This myth appeared after one blogger published a photo of a silver Mercedes in the Parking jobs of Apple. The car was not rear number plate, but there was a sticker with a bar code. The Internet immediately began the festival of strange assumptions, like “this is so that the police could scan the car.” But you know what? The barcode is just a serial number it is on all machines of this model. And where is the license plate? According to the magazine Fortune, Steve jobs tried to avoid Parking fines. He did with traffic is not very friendly: for example, often parked in the field “disabled” next to the entrance to the building Apple. Once he mentioned that to remove the signs – “like the game” for him. It is unclear, however, with whom he played and who won.

Jobs wore a black turtleneck

On each presentation, Steve jobs went on stage in the same costume – black turtleneck sweater with high collar and simple jeans. Why? He never told me. We can only speculate.

For example, it is very comfortable to wear. It does not interfere with work (in contrast to the tight ties and three layers of wool in the warm California evening). It allows you to save time in the morning decision of “what to wear today”.

And now a terrible secret: Steve jobs wore a turtleneck not always. For example, he wore a suit at the exhibition in Tokyo in 2001 and appeared in a tuxedo at the ceremony Oscar. Sometimes he came to work in a t-shirt and jacket; and insiders claim that he had a white turtleneck.

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Steve jobs vowed never to return to Japan

In 2010, Steve jobs vacationed in Japan, in Kyoto. They say that when he went to the airport to return to USA and to work, the airport security personnel would not let him own a private plane. Why? Because he bought some throwing stars (ninja) and held them at itself at the airport (as any decent ninja). Saying that jobs was so outraged by the attempts of the security service not to allow him to carry these cute favors on a private plane that solemnly swore never to return to Japan.

It would seem that jobs had dressed as a ninja on vacation, his explosive temper is well known, Japanese people are really boring. But this story is a lie.

Apple even made about this official statement. According to the representative, jobs really had a rest in Japan, but the similarity of the above history with reality ends. The official representative said that jobs enjoyed the rest and he hoped soon again to visit Japan.

Steve jobs Troll employees just like

The mythological persona of Steve jobs takes many forms. Here’s a cheeky hacker who uses technology to call abroad free of charge; there is the mad master of marketing with the field of distortion of reality that can telepathically convince you that you really need this new phone. And there’s the evil boss, inflexible, and ruthless to competitors and employees.

However, as usual, a little more complicated. Jobs was a perfectionist and could focus on the tiniest detail. To engineer something might seem insignificant to you, but jobs is seen in this detail a big problem and did not hesitate to Express their opinion.

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He could applaud the employee who received good results, but to make him a reprimand the next day. Apple employees who worked with jobs said that under his leadership achieved the best results, but the experience was exhausting.

The approach of Steve jobs came across any “guidelines for managers”, but Apple became the most successful electronics manufacturer in the consumer market and jobs won the admiration and loyalty of their employees. He was a visionary, and reality is always a little more than a myth.

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