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Apple is developing a TV. Already have the first photos

In Chinese social network Weibo this morning published the photos, which, according to the author, shows the Apple TV.

The description says it’s a 60-inch TV with OLED display, which Apple is testing in a special laboratory.

Probably the photographs show a prototype of the next Apple device, which we will never see. It is no secret that the company develops and tests different gadgets.

Rumors about Apple TV have been circulating for several years. In the 2015 edition of The Wall Street Journal said that Apple plans to release high-definition TV were abolished. It was reported that the company has developed a TV for 10 years.

TV is a highly competitive business. Usually people use the same model for several years, that does not suit Apple. The company manufactures devices that people need to be updated regularly. In addition, today there is a trend to buy TV and smart set-top box separately, which, apparently, satisfied with Apple. According to rumors, this year the company will introduce Apple TV the fifth generation, which will support HDR and 4K video.

Source: MacRumors

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