Ariana Grande did not allow Suga to head the Russian Apple Music & nbsp

Yesterday, the big premiere of two major works took place: Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga) and Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande) – Rain On Me and mixtape soloist of the BTS group: Agust D – D-2. All day yesterday, the single Gaga and Ariana and the lead single from the Daegwita album, Shuga, went smoothly and until the last it was not clear who in Russia would lead the rating of hot tracks? Unfortunately for rapper fans, after the evening release of the video “Rain on Me,” Ariana’s number of wiretaps crawled up. As a result, today “Rain on Me” topped the chart, and the new product from Suga left the top ten. But YouTube has a record record 4,700,000 million likes and more than 24,000,000 online views, while Rain on Me has only 15,000,000 views.

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