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Appeared easy way to double the capacity of a regular drive MacBook [video]

Over time laptop owners who deal with graphics and especially video, was simply running out of free memory. Especially, if the workstation performs a graceful MacBook Air with 128 or 256 GB on the disk. For reference only the source files for mount video can take more than 50 GB, if it comes to 4K. Naturally, to survive with 256 GB, of which about 100 are already taken all the necessary, difficult enough.

Until recently, Mac users had the opportunity to expand the memory without replacing the SSD, namely to use a SD card, which was placed into the socket and protrudes slightly from the housing. This is one significant drawback. The second memory is represented in the Finder as a separate disk, which causes inconvenience in many scenarios.

The solution the company proposed to TarDisk, which presented a unique drive for MacBook. The device TarDisk Pear is placed in the slot of a card reader of the laptop and adds the capacity of a standard drive. When using the gadget the user gets a full disk consisting of two physical media. The map is arranged so that it is not protruding from the body so it can keep the laptop on a regular basis.

The main thing you need to take into account potential buyers TarDisk Pear – it becomes part of the MacBook.

Flash memory supports MacBook Air and MacBook Pro produced a volume of 128 and 256 GB for $149 and $400 respectively. Of course, it’s quite expensive, especially with the current exchange rate, but all other methods come out more expensive.

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