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Audience Apple Music reached 10 million users

According to research firm Financial Times, the number of users who paid a subscription to Apple Music, for the last three months increased by 3.5 million and today is already 10 million people. If the service will develop with the same speed, the 2016 audience of the music service Apple will have 20 million users.

In October of 2015, Apple CEO Tim cook in an interview said that Apple Music pay for 6.5 million users. Another 8.5 million users are testing the service in trial mode. For comparison, Spotify in June stated that he had 20 million paid subscribers. While Spotify also appears as on the Apple platform, for example, and on devices with Android and Windows.

In August, Apple denied reports that from the Apple Music services declined 48% of subscribers. In Cupertino said that figure is greatly inflated, and the service continue to apply 79% of users.

Apple music service, which began its work on 30 June, still raises many questions and gets a lot of criticism from experts. However, analysts predict that by the end of the year the number of users Apple Music can reach 20 million

Affect the growth of audience Apple streaming can various promotions competitors. So, at the end of last year it became known about the beneficial to Spotify. The company announced a premium subscription for three months of work with his service for just $0.99. By the way, Apple provides three months free of charge, but only once in the pilot period.

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