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Apple’s market capitalization fell by almost $50 billion during the first week of 2016

Apple lost about $50 billion of its market value during the first week of trading of 2016, according to Rns. Analysts believe that the company will be able to make up the value of the shares.

The company’s shares on Nasdaq on January 8 gained 0.53%, the value per share is $of 96.96, according to AFP. The average price per share is projected at $145. This means that the company needs to add almost 50% in price. At the moment the company’s market capitalization is estimated at $535 billion.

Despite the fact that several brokers cut their recommendations on the average price of Apple’s stock in response to the slowdown in the supply of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, their predictions remained optimistic.

“We continue to believe that in the short term, the smoothness of the iPhone is the result of tough comparisons, and not turn to sustainable growth,” say analysts from the financial company BMO Capital Markets. They reduced their forecast for the average price of Apple shares from $142 to $133.

With the lowest recommendations were made by the company Cowen and Co by curbing forecast to $125 per share ,which is almost 30% more than the shares are traded. Analysts believe that Apple will increase the revenue for the financial year is not less than 4% on average. In the last fiscal year, which ended in late September, the growth was 28%.

The company Pacific Crest Securities is looking with optimism at the development of the company in the second half of 2016 after the release of the iPhone 7.

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“We continue to give positive consideration to the risk/reward AAPL, since the expected growth during the release of the iPhone, which will contribute to the increase in the value of the shares”, — analysts said the company.

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