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Became known the price of smart hours Apple Watch 2

How successfully sold an Apple watch, while we can only guess. Meanwhile, the Network begin to appear the details of the second generation of the product. In particular, sources close to Apple revealed the technical characteristics of “smart” watches Apple Watch 2. In addition, it became known to the Russian price of the novelty.

One of the important innovations of the wearable Apple computer will be the advanced camera as well as improved support for Wi-Fi. Using the camera for the video calling service FaceTime is added to the operating system watch OS 3. The camera itself is smart timepiece is embedded into the upper display frame.

In contrast to the current models able to connect only to wireless networks that previously connected coupled with her iPhone, the Apple Watch 2 will be able to work independently from a smartphone. Applications will be able to get your data directly, including email messages, weather and other data. The function Find my Watch will determine the location hours by triangulating according to the Wi-Fi router.

The battery life on one charge, if you improve, slightly. Research Apple shows that the average owner of Apple Watch completes your day with 30-40% remaining charge, and filling with energy at night usually is not a problem.

Apple Watch 2 will be launched in September this year with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The estimated price of “smart” hours will amount to 36 000.

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