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Analysts: rumors about the iPhone 8 in the media can ruin sales of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in the year 2017 may be lower than originally anticipated. This writes Forbes, citing research by Morgan Stanley. The company lowered the expected profit from the line of smartphones by 3% and, oddly enough, blames the upcoming iPhone 8.

Market analysts believe that the decline in revenue from the iPhone 7 will have a significant impact on the overall situation of the Apple iPhone family. The decrease in sales of the new flagships will be partly linked to the pending release of the iPhone 8. Anniversary of the iPhone debut with a radical new design, AMOLED display and all front panel and the glass housing. Reports about this model in the media appeal to many users and they can refuse to buy the iPhone now, preferring to wait until September, analysts say.

There is a risk that the iPhone 8 before the output will become “all” and “for all”. Some will wait for a new display, other – wireless charging function driving action. There are those who will not be satisfied until the iPhone will not appear transparent screen, has superb battery, as well as new opportunities in the field of augmented reality.

Until then, until the ardor of the fans could keep up, the iPhone 7 will remain a hot commodity, Apple will not repeat the mistakes of competitors and will not announce the iPhone 8 ahead of time, so as not to reduce sales of the current flagship. “Eight” should abundantly compensate for the drop of sales of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, consider in Morgan Stanley. If the iPhone 8, as experts assume, will ensure record sales of smartphones Apple, the iPhone family will be the leader in the current fiscal year.

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But there are risks. Many expected innovations in the iPhone 8 may not be realized, then the first and second quarters we will see reports of reduced sales, income, and unmet goals of the company. It may spoil the impression of investors and shareholders. Thus, the release of the iPhone 8 have too many expectations.

Analysts believe that the iPhone 7 can be considered as a transitional model, in which Apple tested a number of new technologies for radically new iPhone 8. In particular, the company used the touch button “Home” and abandoned the headphone Jack. It is hoped that the new iPhone model sample 2017 and will meet expectations of users.

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