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How to restore recently closed tabs in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Happened unpleasant event. During the Internet surfing on the iPhone or iPad accidentally or by mistake closed the tab, which still is not finished. How to act? To search for information among hundreds of bookmarks to sort through the story or is there another way?

In fact, in Safari for mobile devices, as well as in versions for Mac has the function of restoring the last closed web pages. This is not very obvious feature is activated by clicking on the ” add ” button for new tabs.

How to open recently closed tabs in Safari for iOS:

Step 1: Launch Safari on your device. The function works on both the iPhone and iPad.

Step 2: On the bottom of the browser, locate the button to switch tabs (in the lower right corner).

Step 3: Here you can see all open tabs and three buttons “Private access”, “+” and “Close”. You will need one of them.

Step 4: to restore the latest closed tabs in Safari, press and hold for a second ” + ” button. The browser will show a window with five of the last closed Internet resources.

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