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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – Saga of birth and death

Many may not know it, but courtly game Super Meat Boy has a direct relationship to other courtly game – The Binding of Isaac. Namely, the projects were done by one person, and that, in General, immediately catches the eye, isn’t it? In the first case we are talking about unpleasant and untidy world of “meat” and blood, the second a wayward interpretation of biblical motifs. However, Binding of Isaac came out a little worse than I wanted to authors deadline of the contest and had to surrender, that is. A few years later the game has returned with the subtitle Rebirth, sticking it in her… a lot. Now the re-release can rate and mobile players – “Isaac” finally came out on iOS.

Plot the plot is familiar to anyone who has the slightest idea about the myths of the Bible – it is about the sacrificial offering of Isaac. Only the circumstances have changed: the thought of killing a baby mother of Isaac inspired God himself, and saved the boy not because of angel but because of stormwater – the hero slipped into the hatch. However, the flea in questionable dungeon live not pink elephants, and terrible demons, the unborn, the brothers Isaac and other marginal elements.

Structurally, the game – the so-called “roguelike” is when no one can predict what awaits you around the corner. Can be level full of good and resource, maybe an army of evil enemies. Hence, a large percentage of randomness: if you haven’t played the original, that at first it will be terribly hard. It is unclear what to do, where to go, what items to make and what actually happens.

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The Central arms of Isaac – his tears; another mythical flourish. Because in the game you can combine items, and tears turn into a universal method of destruction: they can serve as raw material for laser firing or poisoned projectiles. There are other surprises – in particular, do not pass by the body of the cat…

Among other innovations Rebirth – now has a co-op. However, doubtful the second player cannot pick up items, but it passes through the gap; not quite the desired lotion. In addition, for co-op need a Wi-Fi-inspector – you’re not going to stick twenty fingers in the small screen of the smartphone. Generally, the port is done well – there are both horizontal and vertical scan everything is great with the conservation and management of all content in place. Confused only a crazy price of 1150 rubles – and it’s a given that the original on Steam is five times cheaper.

But the computer will not suffer from a metro and not pull on a lunch break (well, not to drag the laptop). And sometimes I want to – largely because the structure of “Isaac” is placed in the mobile format: spent twenty minutes in hell dungeons, where dead animals are replaced by the bodies of the children were ten levels, a couple of times died, well, again for useful things. And if you hold a gamepad, you can connect to a colleague – just think twice before: suddenly you have misunderstood, when you offer to play a game about infanticide, abortion and the Bible.

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