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FT: Apple more than a year working with the augmented reality glasses, the release should not wait until 2018

In the past, Apple has repeatedly expressed its interest in augmented reality (AR). At the same time, recently, the network appeared a lot of conflicting information concerning the company-developed solutions. New insides clarity in the situation.

According to The Financial Times, Apple is “stepping up efforts” in the development of augmented reality glasses. The Corporation has recently allocated more resources to put the project to the stage of commercial product.

In January, the expert on technologies of virtual and augmented reality Robert Scoble reported that a California company, in cooperation with the optics manufacturer Carl Zeiss is developing “smart” glasses. According to interlocutors of the newspaper, Apple is more than a year ago, I created the team to develop wearable on the head of the device. Over are hundreds of Apple engineers.

Preparations for the establishment of smart glasses Apple started using AirPods wireless headphones and a digital pen for Apple Pencil, which has introduced innovative technologies for the miniaturization of the components. Based on the current state of the project, the novelty will be ready for official launch until next year.

Previously, Apple CEO Tim cook has repeatedly stated that the interest of Apple to the technology of augmented reality, however, expect more specific words to how the company will develop the appropriate product, it would be strange.

In addition to the recruitment of individual professionals, the publication points to a recent strategic acquisition by Apple. In 2015, the Corporation acquired a young German company Metaio involved in augmented reality. The former head of Metaio now heads a team of strategists to Apple to decide what technologies are worthy investments and which are not. Last year the assets of cupertinos joined the company FlyBy Media, which develops software for AR-cameras. Well-known Magic Leap also were interested in Apple – last year, Tim cook personally visited the main office of the developer of advanced augmented reality technology.

According to the source, the first Apple development in the field of augmented reality will find application in coming smartphone iPhone 8. To be precise, they will receive the camera of the new smartphone. Some of the new functionality is based on the work PrimeSense, which Apple bought in 2013, and whose developments are used in the controller of Microsoft Xbox Kinect. Refers to the possibility to change the focus point and depth of sharpness after shooting. In addition, the camera will allow you to identify the person or a part of, for example, the head, and then carry with him in various ways, for example, to rotate at an angle of 180°.

The superimposition of virtual objects and apply different effects to pictures (like Snapchat) is another potential scenario is the use of augmented reality technology.

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