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One month with the iPhone 7

Since the start of sales of the iPhone 7 it’s been a month, but the demand for a new generation of smartphones Apple is also high. Just come in store and choose any model you will not succeed. Before the official presentation, many claimed that the iPhone update this year will be boring, on the basis of leaks and photos. Every day, the Network appeared dozens of spy images iPhone 7, and then it really seemed like nothing special in 2016 will not be, because Apple’s new flagship similar to last year, and the iPhone 6s looks exactly like the iPhone 6, introduced in 2014. But people judged the book by its cover.

After Apple officially introduced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, it became clear that smartphones have turned a very original and distinctive. The new flagships have been the most productive smartphones in the industry, and the screen of the iPhone 7 was named the best among LCD displays in this segment. For example, for the first time for Apple smartphones you can talk about matching not just the color space of the sRGB / Rec.709 (104%), and DCI-P3 (102%). Display iPhone 7 is incredibly bright: in manual mode, the brightness reaches 602 CD/m2, and automatically comes to 705 CD/m2.

Apple seriously pumped and camera smartphones. Updated the main camera also shoots in the color space DCI-P3, and superior in other respects compared to the iPhone 6s. Now not only iPhone Plus index, but the standard model size is equipped with optical image stabilization. A new design optics with six lenses and an aperture of f/1,8 (in contrast to f/2.2 in the iPhone 6s), as well as for 50% brighter True Tone flash with four LEDs. And iPhone 7 Plus in addition to the basic camera with wide angle lens equipped with a telephoto lens that allows you to take photos with a bokeh effect and use a two-fold optical zoom.

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Yes, the design of the iPhone 7 is not much different from the iPhone 6s, with the exception of the plastic inserts that provide signal stability. To refresh the appearance of smartphones, Apple has added a line of two new colors – matte black and gloss black.

Now, a month later, it became clear that the iPhone 7 Plus is a “real” flagship, 2016. The company tries to keep the case of their smartphones as thin as possible, so the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 is devoid of dual cameras, as well as an additional Gigabyte of RAM.

In addition, the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus display with Full HD resolution, while the usual “seven” can boast only a 720p. Time difference battery life is also great. iPhone 7 with no problems it lives for about 12 hours, but the iPhone 7 Plus is able to offer 24 and even 36 hours without recharging. In a sense, the iPhone 7 is a compromise model. This is a good unit, as it has the same powerful processor of Apple’s A10 Fusion, a great camera and optimized, but still remains far behind the Plus version.

On the side of the 4.7-inch iPhone compact size and ease of control with one hand, than can not boast of iPhone 7 Plus. To the large size of the phone somehow have to get used to. Next year Apple is going to solve the problem of the ergonomics of their phablets due to the frameless screen and the rejection of the Home button.

For many users, the compact body – one of the most important factors when choosing a smartphone. But in this case it is necessary to compromise, since the iPhone 7 Plus is a “real” iPhone 2016.

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