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Google maps for iOS got a new widget “travel Time”

The Google Maps app for iOS got a widget “travel Time” to learn about traffic congestion on your way home or to work. The corresponding functionality became available in patch 4.18.

Now iPhone and iPad users can add in notification Center new widget “travel Time today.” With its help you can find the travel time to work and to home from the user’s current location. To set up the feature you must go to Settings –> Home or work address and specify the address.

Another change is in navigation mode. In the new version of Google Maps you can change the settings to night mode and select units. In addition, there is the ability to send routes users from your contacts list.

With the release of the previous updates for some of the establishments on Google Maps began to display not only time, but also the schedule of workload by days of the week and hours. For example, you can see that the restaurant is open until 23:00, but the number of people visiting it falls sharply in the last hour of work. The data is taken from Google Maps.

According to the developers, the feature will help avoid standing in line, and tell you what time, for example, it is better to book a table. Users will be easier to plan your visits to a particular place, say in Google.

A similar feature long before Google was introduced in the recommendation service Foursquare establishments. Unlike Google, Foursquare and Swarm child service users clearly mark its location, but to determine the workload used aggregated data on the number of check-ins and location with GPS.

Features Google Maps 4.18 for iPhone and iPad:

  • Added extension “travel Time today” to learn about traffic congestion on your way home or to work (please indicate your home and work addresses).
  • It became possible to send routes users from your contacts list.
  • Night mode and the unit selection is now available in navigation mode.
  • Fixed bugs.

Download Google Maps 4.18 for iPhone and iPad is available for free at this link.

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