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AirPods users complain about the connection with the iPhone during a call

Wireless AirPods headphones complain about the problem with disconnection while talking on the phone. Discussion on the issue took place on the official Apple support website and, apparently, has affected many users of the device.

According to the owners of the AirPods, headphones tend to lose connection to the iPhone during a call. “AirPods correctly connect to the iPhone 6s Plus with iOS 10.2, however, during a call gaps occur. Lost Bluetooth connection and I have to connect them again manually. Happened several times during a long conversation, without any patterns. AirPods have been fully charged,” wrote on the forum user under the name SebasKretz.

In the comments on the website users confirmed the problem. Some have suggested that this failure could cause delays of deliveries of AirPods. As you know, Apple introduced the device in September, promising the beginning of sales in October. Eventually the sales came only in the second half of December, which was very unusual for the “Apple” giant.

“”A single tear” – I’d like it to be true, but no. Don’t know why that is, but I have a few times during FaceTime calls headphones “off” in the process. And this does not happen when just playing music from your iPhone during phone call “BAM! and the sound is gone”,” – writes user under the name Alexmak.

It is quite obvious that the problem with the disconnections is of a programmatic nature. However, users still failed to find a solution to the problem. Joint efforts was collected tips for improving the situation. So, the first step is to re-install a couple of AirPods and iPhone. Furthermore, it should be remove from the connection list extra Bluetooth device. Finally, during a conversation you can get from the ear one of the headphones. AirPods will work fine, but; mono, but the likelihood of the connection is significantly reduced.

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Apple has not officially commented on users ‘ complaints. It is hoped that the company knows about the problem and will be fixed in the next update.

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