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SE iPhone: 5 reasons to buy new items in the old building

At the presentation Apple on Monday the company introduced a new smartphone iPhone SE that looks old. Almost from each iron you can hear genuine outrage about this: how so, where is the news, where a new design, where innovation? Mhealth has offered to look at it another way and gave five reasons to buy the new iPhone.

1. Design

The main claim for the design. With each completely new generation of iPhone-people were divided strictly into two camps — who he liked and who is not strong. Now the old-new design condemn almost everything, except the people who faithfully and truly loved iPhone 5s. And that for us it is not surprising such a lot: laconic shapes and straight angles have their own identity and look great even after a couple of years. iPhone SE instead of the fifth version will be a great phone for those who don’t like large screens and prefer minimalism with square corners slicked the edges, or for those who first acquainted with the technique of Apple.

What is really lacking in the smaller models of the iPhone, so it’s pink. Previously available only for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, it attracted the attention of fashionistas around the world, but because of the impressive size of these gadgets is not always organically looked in the women’s hands. Now iPhone SE will go into the list of the best birthday presents a girl.

2. Compact, fast, long-lived

The main value of the iPhone 5s and now SE is its portability. In the world of phablets, smart shovels and other more than 5-inch electronics to find something compact with flagship characteristics is already hard enough. But with the mass of people continued to believe 4 inches is the perfect size for the hand, when almost to each point on the screen you can reach with your thumb, not letting in the course of the second five.

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iPhone SE is equipped with the same 64-bit processor A9, which is in the iPhone 6s, and that means multitasking and speed SE will be on top. In addition, as stated at the presentation, a motion coprocessor, the Apple M9 is built into the chip itself, and hence all the computing power you will need less energy. Thanks to energy-efficient chip and a higher capacity iPhone battery SE works without recharging for two hours longer than the iPhone 6s.

3. Takes steeper than shows

Users, closely followed by updates to the iPhone, probably noticed that the camera was upgraded in varying degrees, twice since the iPhone 5s, which is output to the 6s not so pleased fans of the selfie and fotohosting. With the first in this case has not become better, front camera left still. But the main pulled up to the level of the leaders: a 12-megapixel iSight camera with improved flash makes great pictures and can even shoot video in 4K (3840×2160).

This has removed the ability to do “live photos” that show touching moments before and after pressing the shutter, and the bonding modes like panorama and time-lapse photography. Another thing is that on the small screen this beauty to see is unlikely to succeed, so clearly it is expected that after shooting, to edit 4K video will be a full-fledged computer.

4. Available

The other good news — the price. Despite the fact that the iPhone 5s is still sold in many stores in an average of 25 000 rubles, the new SE is gonna cost around 38,000 — absolutely humane Supplement for top performance. In addition, perfectly matching the dimensions and logic, it will cost cheaper than the previous model, the iPhone 6S, which will cost about 45 000 (listed prices are for the 16Gb version). In a nutshell, the user gets the latest iOS device, with excellent toppings and a proven design. It’s worth it.

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5. iOS

This peculiarity is connected more likely not with the iPhone SE, but to the very presentation of Apple: each time after it comes out decent upgrade system with new features. This time we added support Night Shift — mode, which adjusts the colour temperature of your screen depending on time of day. Day it colder for better perception of information, a warmer night, so as not to disturb sleep. The rest of the changes affected smaller parts: for example, now notes can be protected with Touch ID and password (I wonder what would this secret you wrote there?..), live photos can be sent on the iMac, and iBooks, you can now save a PDF to the cloud iCloud. Nothing serious, just a great environment iOS and OS X just got better.

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