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Action camera Graava relieve the user from the need to mount video

The company Graava presented action-camera that is not only able to shoot videos in high definition, but also decide which of the recorded material is most interesting, according to Nplus1. Thus, the device saves the user from having to perform the installation video.

In the chamber Graava installed a GPS sensor, accelerometer, microphone, and wireless heart rate monitor. Simultaneously with the video camera also records the readings of these sensors, and if they change, the device marks the plot as interesting.

After the survey is completed the user simply specify in the app on your iPhone or Apple Watch, the duration of the finish of the video that the camera can be assembled from the footage. The app also allows you to choose the background music for the clip, which will be automatically edited to match the video.

The camera is protected from dust and moisture according to IP67 standard and is able to take wide-angle video with up to 1080p resolution, and an 8-megapixel photos. Built-in battery ensures that the device has up to 3 hours of battery life in record mode, and during charging, the camera can automatically synchronize data with your computer or cloud storage. The device weighs 60 grams.

Preorders for Graava on the developers website. At the moment the cost of new items is $249, and after September 1 will grow to $399. The first deliveries scheduled for 2016.

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