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IPhone owners “fall” for a thousand rubles for roaming Internet, even when data transmission is disabled

In social networks appear angry posts holidaymakers abroad — users report that if Internet is off and no calls from them, write off the money. And sin, “Beeline”, and people use this iPhone. Resource Bfm survey of experts to clarify the issue.

All publications perturbed mobile phone users abroad boil down to one thing: when I disable “data roaming” and “cellular data” they continue to deduct money for Internet traffic. In a similar situation and got producer Business FM Anna Morgunova — her iPhone 6.

“I flew to nice and as usual turned off 3G and cellular data, I was not available Wi-Fi. Five days later I moved to another hotel where Wi-Fi was, and decided to go to the app “Beeline”, and then saw: a preliminary account I have about three thousand rubles, despite the fact that I didn’t call anyone, I had everything disconnected. Decided to write to customer support with the question “How can this be?” In the service I wrote that, most likely, this is Internet traffic, and somehow my phone shakes himself. I used the GPS, but the maps were uploaded in advance — I always do, not the first time I go, and no problems, in principle, no,” she says.

The thing is that the iPhone for business purposes can connect to the Internet independently. Or when the user something rocked on wifi, and then he abruptly disappeared, the smartphone will hit it’s 3G or 4G, without notifying the user. In a similar situation and got the head of the analytical Agency Telecomdaily Denis Kuskov.

“You turn off placek that stands in your settings, but, shall we say, technologically iPhone still has the ability to access the Internet for some of their needs. If at some period of time even with this setting off you, say, open maps, it shows. I just checked in — went to Prague with disabled it, and it still moves you on a Google map, for example, along the route,” said Grand.

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The expert believes that it is not in the operator, and in the smartphone. And for Android such sins were not observed. At least all the angry posts concerned iPhone.

Interestingly, the iPhone with the SIM card MTS for disabled data transfer does not take money. Employee of “Yandex” Roman Ivanov found that the “Beeline” suspiciously roads. He compared his statement to the stories of colleagues. The experience of using iPhone abroad from the experts of the search engine was the same and charged the account are very different. MTS considered negligible network overhead, which cannot be disabled, and did not take money for it, Ivanov — happy. Beeline configured thresholds, cheated money, people were surprised.

In the “Beeline” confirmed that isolated complaints really were, but the operator has taken appropriate action.

“We have already set up specially no-charge traffic threshold 15 KB per day, in order to protect our customers from erroneous charges. Because, as a rule, the volume of such online sessions does not exceed 1-2 KB, but it is clear that if this will happen for several days, for example, and several times a day, you can really see these write-offs,” said in the “Beeline”.

In any case it is better to turn off cellular data via a call to the support service for the entire period of travel abroad. Then no surprises. So be careful iPhone owners.

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