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Program auto navigator domestic development. Immediately I will write the only negative – it eats the battery a lot. Otherwise, this is the most functional navigator for iphone, in comparison with all previously tested applications. As a feature, Glonass support is added on the iPhone 4S. And best of all, the program can be fully used for free for 30 days. During this time, you will definitely decide whether this navigator is suitable for you or not.

The program is installed for free from the appstore, after which you need to download the desired map of the region. Maps are quite detailed, in my area of ​​Moscow all traffic signs are displayed as well as all speed bumps !. This is not even in iGO, which contains a huge database of objects.

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If, at the start of the navigator, you agreed to use the Progorod-Traffic service, then the current information on traffic congestion is displayed. The traffic density is displayed in color, as in Yandex maps. True, unlike Yandex, Internet traffic here is not free.

Display maps and paved route at a high level. True, at the beginning it may seem that the information screen is somewhat overloaded. The most concise look was the TomTom navigator. In "Progorod" the function of pseudo 3D maps is implemented as in Sygic Aura Drive Russia GPS Navigation. The most outstanding buildings of the general city landscape about objects are displayed in volume, and immediately become reference points for the driver.

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Of the features I also note the additional reality mode. In this mode, the iPhone’s camera turns on and the direction indicators and direction of movement are projected onto the image received from the camera, similar to how it was implemented in Navi 3DX

The application turned out to be very multifunctional. Of course, a lot of this set will not be in demand, but it’s up to everyone to evaluate according to their requests. In any case, everyone has a 30-day free trial period for this program.

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