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Steve Wozniak has launched education startup Woz U

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak launched a startup Woz U, which will help people to learn computer science, according to Business Insider.Woz U will be in several areas. The main will be online courses that will teach the basics of software development. In the future there will be courses on cyber security and data processing. The startup also plans to work in schools and encourage children to study science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

The tuition at U Woz not disclosed. It will depend on the chosen direction and the need for retraining. Flexible rates are associated with convinced Wozniak that technology should be accessible to all.

Often people are afraid to choose a career related to technology, because they think that it can’t do. I know they can, and want to show them how. Our goal is to teach people the skills of the digital industry for employment, without burdening them with debts for several years.

Steve Wozniak

“Digital Institute” Woz U created to give people the necessary knowledge computer science to be a kind of insurance. Technology industry each year becomes increasingly important for the U.S. economy. Many experts say that artificial intelligence and robotics will replace a significant portion of U.S. workers, especially those in low-skilled jobs.

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