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A lawyer from Vladivostok made unlock YouPorn Russia

Lawyer Alexei Kletskin reported that he, together with the international legal company from Canada managed to achieve cancellation of the decision on blocking Russia porn site YouPorn. According to the court, in case there was no evidence that information on the site is prohibited.

We are talking about the decision of the pervorechensky district court of Vladivostok about blocking in Russia is popular porn site. In his post clickin brought you a photo of the inspection of the Prosecutor’s office from 20 April 2016. According to the lawyer, assistant attorney checked the content on YouPorn from your smartphone when you make mistakes in the procedure. While the evidence base to close the access to the site consisted of only single document.

“Inspection report compiled by the district attorney, funny. The Prosecutor is not the person who can make such conclusions. Needs to be examined — whether the information is prohibited,” wrote clickin.

The lawyer also said that they and the law firm had discovered other violations, including the failure of the defendant to the process.

“This, of course, the insanity when the main expert on pornography acts as a lawyer of the third class. It seems to me that he’s still not the same person who in this matter can be fully trusted. There is special knowledge needed expertise. And not the report view sites with personal phone kapany on the knee,” said the lawyer.

Klatzkin added that Russian law does not prohibit the distribution of pornography. “Illegal only all sorts of issues related to minors. Everything else — please,” he said.

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Clarkin noted that the site is not yet unlocked. At the time of this writing, the address was still in the registry of Roscomnadzor and the operators continued to restrict access to it. In Roskomnadzor said that it received from the court rulings about changes in the decision to block YouPorn.

About locking YouPorn became known in September 2016. Then Roskomnadzor has blocked another popular site is adult — PornHub.

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