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Samsung has included a test with the charging-discharge in a new eight-stage process system check security of battery

Telling about the reasons of explosions Galaxy Note 7, Samsung also introduced the quality control system of its batteries, which includes a test for charge and discharge.

In the investigation of the causes of spontaneous combustion South Korean phablet was attended by about 700 specialists Samsung, and in addition, the company has attracted three independent companies. The outcome of the investigation they came to the conclusion that the cause of fires and explosions lay exclusively in batteries, not in other components of smartphones and their software.

A new system of quality control includes batteries Samsung as previously used tests that have been refined and new. The company itself calls it “eight-stage process of a security check”. Power sources are visually inspected are subjected to x-ray radiographic inspection, disassembly, and other tests, including charge-discharge and aging test.

In addition, changes aimed at improving safety made in the firmware.

In addition, the manufacturer formed a working group on batteries, which included scientists and consultants from research institutions. The company expects that the working group will help “in understanding the safety issues of batteries and innovative developments in this area.”

As conceived by Samsung, these measures are designed to improve safety and restore consumer confidence.

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