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Apple introduced a new version of GarageBand for iOS with support for iPad Pro and Live Loops

Today Apple announced major update to its family of applications for creating music on iOS. In addition to new Music Memos app, which allows musicians to quickly record, organize, and develop their musical ideas, the company released a major update to the mobile edition of GarageBand with many new features.

In GarageBand 2.1 function Loops Live — a whole new way to create amazing-sounding music. With this feature, developed on the basis of hardware DJ consoles and drum machines, anyone can create music simply by touching the cells and columns on a visual grid to enable looping of instruments and samples. Magnifiers can perform, arrange and mix live. GarageBand automatically syncs all rhythms to achieve the desired tempo and pitch.

For aspiring musicians in Live Loops have the library ready loops created by Apple: they cover genres such as electronic dance music, hip-hop, dubstep and rock. Users can always create your own loops from scratch.

“GarageBand is the world’s most popular app for creating music, and this update will help anyone to easily discover their musical talents through the powerful new features of Live Loops and a Drummer. It also adds support for larger screen of the iPad Pro and feature a 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus,” said Philip Schiller, senior Apple’s Vice President of worldwide marketing.

GarageBand version 2.1 also includes a new feature, Drummer with nine electronic and acoustic session drummers playing in their own style, and an extended set of amplifiers for bass players. “Users can now create even more dynamic and honed the sound, leveraging the new functions of automation, control record and a new simple equalizer,” explains Apple.

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GarageBand 2.1 looks great on a 12.9-inch display iPad Pro: there are more controls and space for the performance of music. And on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus app now supports 3D Touch.

App GarageBand for iOS comes free with all new iOS devices with 32 GB memory and more; owners of devices compatible with iOS 9 and newer can upgrade the app for free, and all others can purchase it in the App Store for 379 rubles.

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