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8 impressions after a week of using the iPhone X

X iPhone went on sale on 3 November 2017. After almost a week of use, 9to5Mac has shared his impressions of the new flagship Apple.

The iPhone X has changed everything: screen, operating system, appearance and gestures. But there are things that deserve special attention.


One of the most useful features of iOS 11 — automatic configuration of the smartphone. All important data are transferred from one iPhone to another is simple — it is enough to bring the gadgets to each other.

The ledge

At first glance, the ledge for sensors TrueDepth camera catches the eye. But literally 15 minutes of work, he becomes invisible and does not distract from the screen, does not interfere with the perception of images. This special feature of the design does not degrade the properties of the device.

Home button

Home screen on the iPhone X is invoked using gestures. The smartphone has become much mnogozadachnost, and the ability of the machine control has grown significantly. The transition from app to app on the new flagship Apple looks very nice.

Some special or rare gestures will have to get used to, but overall the development teams is not hard.

While most edge-to-edge Android smartphones are controlled with virtual buttons, Apple went further and adapted to the iOS screen new generation. Therefore, the products of the Corporation from Cupertino so different from the competition.


Apple always cared about the quality of the picture and to equip their devices with excellent screens. Display X iPhone is not very impressive when you first open the box with the smartphone. But after a week it becomes clear that Apple has significantly improved the screen and work the color. The smartphone is able to transmit deep black and to display vivid and bright colors.

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Although, unfortunately, typical for OLED panels problems could not be avoided. Some displays suffer from the effect of the “image capture”.


The screen size of the iPhone X is 5.8-inches. It’s more than a 5.5-inch display iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone 6 Plus.

First, the owners received an iPhone with a larger screen, which is easy to use even with one hand.

The new flagship above and has a non — standard aspect ratios- the aspect ratio of 18.5:9. Because of this change in the size of the virtual keyboard, and the typing will have to get used to new keys.

Wireless charging

iPhone X and iPhone 8 support wireless charging. While the original charger from Apple went on sale, you can choose one of the analogues at a reasonable price.

Face ID

The facial recognition system of the user, around which there was most discussion. And even though she’s already managed to cheat using a 3D mask and the twins for most users Face ID works almost perfectly.

The system is set up as fast as Touch ID. The only thing you should pay attention to good lighting. The better covered the face of the user at the time of the setting, the more precise depth map.

Face ID is already working with banking applications and Safari with different purchases do not need to enter passwords or credit card data.

The function “recognition of attention” increases the safety of use of the device and prevents accidental unlocking.


iPhone X so beautiful that many do not want to remove it in a cheap case from AliExpress, or in case the Apple brand.

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Unfortunately, back panel X iPhone scratched, no less than the iPhone 8 as the new flagship of Apple will cost quite expensive. The users face a dilemma: to hide the design or save money on the possible replacement of the rear window.

Overall, the iPhone X is an incredible smartphone. Johnny Ive said in a recent interview that Apple may seriously change the device with software updates.

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