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How to hide the neckline of the screen in the iPhone X

Many users can’t get used to the area for cameras and the earpiece at the top of the screen of the iPhone X. for this reason, an important question arises, how to hide pesky neckline.

How to hide the cutout in the top of the iPhone screen X:

The easiest way to hide the cutout for the camera in the iPhone X is the use of Wallpaper with black borders. Can also be installed on standard home screen completely black image.

Step 1: Open “Settings” > “Wallpaper”.

Step 2: go to “Choose Wallpaper” and click on “Images”.

Step 3: Choose from a standard list of black image and install.

In an alternative method, you can use a Wallpaper created specifically for the iPhone X. On these images using image editors add a black border with rounded corners in the status bar. In the App Store for this special application.

It is important to remember that this method only works on the lock screen and the desktop. After running any application cutout again remind myself.

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