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How to check iPhone jailbreak for viruses and malware

Once iOS was practically invulnerable to malware. But that was long ago. Now the operating system is more susceptible to malware, especially we are talking about iPhone or iPad with a jailbreak. Is there a way to detect suspicious processes in the system.

Jailbreak, as you know, allows access to the operating system kernel, allows you to monitor running in the system processes. Moreover, it is easy to kill.

In order to detect malware on iPhone, you must perform the following steps:

Step 1: Select three of the jailbreak package from Cydia: MTerminal, adv-cmds, and top. Go to the store, find these packages via the search and install them.

Step 2: Launch the MTerminal app. It will provide access to the command prompt on the device itself. Now you need to obtain root privileges by typing “su” and password.

Note: By default iOS default password “alpine”. If you have changed it previously, you need to enter your password.

Step 3: After that enter the command “top” or “ps aux” to see a list of all the processes running on the device.

Note: In fact, these two commands provide the same information: “top” will show “live” list of updated processes, and “ps aux” will show the list of system processes, but without real-time updated information and data about memory usage.

Step 4: the Idea to yourself to view all processes running on the device. If any of them look suspicious, you should check their destination on the Internet.

Step 5: If you find a malicious process, use the following command: KILL -<PID>. So you will be able to kill the process and then find a way to clean the device from malicious software.

To exit top, type “q” and press “Enter”.

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