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Diversity for success: Tim cook about the future of Apple

The publication Mashable ahead of the worldwide developers conference WWDC has published an interview with the head of Apple Tim cook. Although the event focuses on new software products, including updates to operating systems iOS, OS X, and a new music service, the discussion was mainly related to cultural and gender diversity in companies that see Apple as a source of creativity and innovation.

According to Tim cook, Apple’s promote common values and cultural diversity. The diversity of our employees is a “future” and not just the declared policy, he said. The CEO is convinced that “teams with a wide variety of create the best products”. For Apple regional and cultural characteristics of employees, as well as the individual qualities that are indispensable for achieving global success.

On the issue of lack of women at the presentation of Apple Tim cook said that “the changes you will see tomorrow”. In other words, at the stage of WWDC will rise the fair sex. Over the last ten years of the conference, the event could not boast of a large number of women speakers, the last time the presentation was attended by top model Christy Turlington, who told of smart hours Apple Watch. Directly into training sessions WWDC more gender diversity, but lectures are only for registered developers, and not for the General public.

Apple recently paid special attention to gender and ethnic diversity. According to a recent report, the majority (55%) of full-time employees in the US are white, 15% Asian, 11% Hispanic and 7% black. With 70% of staff are men. Apple’s management is strongly dissatisfied with the demographic structure of the staff and intends to gradually change it.

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Apple emphasizes that in matters of social and cultural diversity, it goes beyond such traditional categories as race, gender, and nationality and who are “generally not used”, such as veteran status hostilities, sexual orientation, disability.

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