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How to make Face ID to work faster and more accurately

Face ID – Samooborona system and with prolonged use it is better to recognize the owner. But, like any technological product, Face ID sometimes fails. In these cases, it is possible to help her.

When the Face ID is refusing to unlock your smartphone, iPhone X try to take it from another angle, blocking the device and try again. In fact it’s useless. The system is trained automatically, you just need to give it several attempts.

Each time, taking the lock with a password, the user gives Face ID to know that it was his gadget. iPhone understands this and makes another 3D shot of the owner, in order to avoid errors.

Apple representatives said of this learning algorithm in the documentation of the Face ID. The company said that method would only work if the smartphone will find any match with “loaded” in his face.

Face ID is a new system of sensors used to unlock the iPhone. Apple introduced it at a conference in Apple Park on September 12.

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